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Welcome to KHYM’s Program page! A place where you can see what KHYM plays and when it airs! It’s also our On-Demand page, too! If you missed a program, don’t worry just click on the blue link of the program you want to hear and listen to it on your time and your schedule!


Weekday Programming

12am-6am Classic Inspiration Music

6am-9am The Morning Refreshing with Glenn & Delvin LISTEN ONLINE 

9am-12pm  Classic Inspiration Music

12pm-12:30pm Back To The Bible LISTEN ONLINE  

12:30pm-1pm In Touch w/Charles Stanley LISTEN ONLINE 

1pm-1:30pm Turning Point w/Dr. David Jeremiah LISTEN ONLINE 

1:30pm-2pm Focus On The Family LISTEN ONLINE 

2pm-7pm Classic Inspiration Music

7pm-7:30pm Insight For Living w/Chuck Swindoll LISTEN ONLINE 

7:30pm-8pm Living On The Edge w/Chip Ingram LISTEN ONLINE 

8pm-8:30pm Leading The Way w/ Dr. Michael Youssef LISTEN ONLINE 

8:30pm-8:45pm  Just Thinking w/Ravi Zacharias LISTEN ONLINE

8:45pm-9pm Running to Win w/Dr. Ewin Lutzer LISTEN ONLINE

9pm-12am Classic Inspiration Music


 Additional Online Listening We want you to be able to stay connected to programs you may love. Stay connected to some great programs we recommend.




 SHORT FEATURES – (Monday-Friday in order of first appearance)

Bible Minute w/Ron Moore 12:30am, 11:15 am

A Quick Word w/Beth Moore 1:30am, 1:30pm

Voice of the Martyrs Minute 2:30am, 9:15am

Cradle My Heart 3:30am, 2:15pm

Insights w/Chuck Swindoll 4:30am, 3:15pm

Focus On The Family Minute 5:30am, 4:15pm

Stewardship Minute 6:15am, 8:30pm

Breakpoint 7:15am, 11:30pm

From The Heartland (Fri) 7:30am, 1pm, 7pm (Sat) 9am, 1pm, 5pm

Upwords w/Max Lucado 8:15am, 10:30pm

Morning and Evening 8:45am, 9pm

Joni and Friends 9:45am, 5:45pm

Route 66 w/Dr. David Jeremiah 10:15am, 5:15pm

Just A Thought w/Ravi Zacharias 10:45am, 7:30pm

Mission Network News 11:45am, 6:15pm

 Learn the Bible in a Year 12:30pm, 4:45pm

Seeking Him with Nancy DeMoss 2pm, 9pm

Lamplighter Moment w/Mark Hamby 2:45pm, 6:45pm

Laugh A Minute w/Phil Callaway 3:45, 9:30pm


Saturday Programming 

12am-6am Classic Inspiration Music

6am-1pm Southern Gospel Saturday with Glenn

1pm-6pm Classic Inspiration Music

6pm-7pm Gaither Homecoming Radio LISTEN ONLINE 

7pm-12am Classic Inspiration Music


Sunday Programming

12am-10am Classic Inspiration Music

10am-11am Moody Church Hour LISTEN ONLINE 

11am-9pm Classic Inspiration Music

9pm-9:30pm Lamplighter Theater LISTEN ONLINE 

9:30-10pm Focus on The Family Radio Theater LISTEN ONLINE 

10pm-12am Classic Inspiration Music

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