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January 29, 2018   -   Posted by -   in Events   -   Comments Off on KHYM’s First Step

Life is full of FIRST STEPS.  Babies first step, going to kindergarten, getting your driving permit, graduating high school and getting married.  As a listener to KHYM here are FIRST STEPS too.  The first time you listen, first time tell a friend to listen and the first time you give.  On February 22 and 23rd we are asking you to consider taking that FIRST STEP to supporting KHYM.  You could be one of the 200 new supporters needed to meet our goal with a one-time or monthly donation.  And if you already give, you can join in too by being one of 50 new members of Team 360!


Pray about your FIRST STEP in supporting KHYM.  You can even give us a head start toward meeting the goal now.  


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