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James Claasen Assistant Engineer
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James was born at a very young age.  He grew up with two brothers on a hog farm in central Kansas.  After a stint in college, studying radio, and an internship in Alaska, James spent nearly 30 years at a Christian station in NW Kansas.  He and his beautiful wife Brenda then moved south.  Rather than retiring to Arizona or Florida like normal people, they only made it to SW Kansas, joining Alex Mackenzie in the Great Plains Christian Radio Engineering department. 
Fast Facts
-First ever graduate of Calvary Bible College with a degree in Christian Radio
-Father to two adopted daughters (one from Russia and one from Kansas)
-Has worked at stations in Kansas City (MO), Glennallen (AK), Brewster (KS), and Meade (KS)
-Is rarely seen without a camera
-Loves to run in the snow. 
Favorite Artist: Bill Watterson (Creator of Calvin and Hobbs)
Favorite food: Shrimp or Ice Cream or both
Hobbies: Nature/Landscape Photography, Running, Web Design, Playing guitar
Favorite Verse:  All of them.  Still trying to understand several.
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