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Fast Facts:

  • Married to Jen with 2 kids (a son and daughter).
  • From Northern Michigan where the winters are cold, and well…so are the summers.
  • Got his college degree in Criminal Justice, but when the radio bug bit, he’s been in radio ever since!
  • His favorite tv show is Fixer Upper on HGTV. Love the Gaines family!
  • He once nearly tackled Phil Joel (formerly of the Newsboys) to get an autograph.
  • He’s a huge political nerd.


Favorite Artist: Matt Maher

Favorite Food: Chicken wings. Hands down! Not boneless wings…those are nothing more than chicken nuggets.

Favorite Verse: Jeremiah 29:11

Hobbies: Since I’m from the north I have a strong passion for hockey. Go Red Wings! I also love playing drums and recently got into woodwork. Usually in the fall I’m busy carving pumpkins with images of family members, cartoon characters etc.

Quote: “A Grapefruit is nothing more than a lemon that had a chance and took it.” – Joe Clark

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